New X-wing and Armada Products!

We have some great new products for X-wing and Armada Players! 

Starfighter Damage Deck Holder
3.50 6.99

This damage deck holder is designed to work with both sleeved and unsleeved cards used with X-Wing Miniatures Game and Star Wars Armada by Fantasy Flight Games*.  It comes unassembled but includes peel and stick adhesive parts so no glue required for assemble.

Armada Large Location Marker Set
1.50 2.99

This token set makes it easy to keep track of ship positions in Star Wars - Armada by Fantasy Flight Games*. It includes tokens for marking the Large and Medium ship base sizes. They are etched from acrylic and available in several colors. 
Set Contains:
2 x Large Starship Location Tokens

Armada Movement Tool Set
4.00 7.99

These movement tools are great for moving in very close and replicate one movement on the maneuver tool in Star Wars - Armada by Fantasy Flight Games*. This set includes a 3 range one movements that represent one tick, 2 tick, and no tick on the maneuver tool. 
Set Contains:
3 x Armada Movement Tools

Armada Defence Token Holder
1.50 2.99

This holder make a great organizer for Star Wars - Armada by Fantasy Flight Games*. This caddy holds four defence tokens. They fit perfect along side the ship or squadron cards for a very organized play area. The token caddy has adhesive already applied. Simply peal and stick then your ready to game! 
Set Contains: 1 x Defence Token Holder


15% Off Sale!

It's been a long road! Our laser cutter is finally close to being ours! Last month we made the final payment on the lease and now all that remains is to make a final buyout payment. We need your help to get there! So we decided to have a sale. Seems like a win-win for everyone! You save money and we raise the extra funds to make this last payment!

Use the code agnes2016 at checkout to get 15% off your purchase. All fabric mat prices have already been adjusted for the sale as well!

Thank you to all out customers for the support over the years. We have a lot of products in the pipeline and hope to get them out soon. Stay tuned for more announcements!

New Products: Star Wars Armada Accessories

So we have been digging into Armada lately and have a a full compliment of accessories to release for it. A few make game play easier and a few are direct replacements for cardboard components. 

First up is the range rulers. 

Range Ruler - Price $8.99

These range rulers replace the cardboard one and come with a set of acrylic number tokens that fit inside the maneuver tool. Available in 3 fluorescent colors.

Fighter Movement Ruler - Price $8.99

This set replaces the other side of the ruler and comes with a 1 range ruler to measure engagement in those tight spaces.

We did some serious thinking and came up with a great way to replace the fighter activation sliders. They look great in the fluorescent colors and will last a long time.

Fighter Activation Slider Set - $5.99

Next up we have acrylic replacements for the command dials. These fit into the stackable plastic cases just like the cardboard. They look great when you customize them by filling the etches with paint or even a crayon!

Command Dial Set - Price $2.99

Armada's Objective system is a great way to add to the game play but who wants to mark mines with boring cardboard tokens. So we have an acrylic set to replace all of them.

Objective Marker Set - Price $5.99

We also worked up some shield dials that drop right into the bases and use the same connectors as the cardboard ones. Again coloring them in with a crayon really helps the visibility.

Shield Dial Set - Price $2.99

We also figured it would be nice to have some organization to those ship cards. So we created a dial with integrated slots for the defence tokens. We are using a new dial system that will lay flat. They are super easy to assemble as the dial is already attached and all you have to do it peal and stick the token frame onto the dial. They are sized to the same height as the Armada ship cards.

Ship Dial - Price $4.99

So Armada is great but those little fighters are always getting in the way. So we came up with another location set like we did for X-wing. This one is a bit more complex and include tokens to keep track of the ships as well as the fighters. The ship location markers slip right into the back or front of the base.

Location Marker Set - Price $4.99


Next we have several tokens to replace the various command tokens.

Repair Command Token - Price $2.99

We know a lot of people have been asking for a turn dial as well. So we made as simple one to keep track of the turns.

Turn Dial - Price $2.99

So that dial was a bit too simple for us. We went a bit crazy and this came out. This is our Deluxe Turn Dial. It' rotates to indicate all 6 turns and the gears move each other so it flips back and forth between orange and blue activate on every other turn. Oh and it comes with a removable stand!

Deluxe Turn Dial - Price $14.99


We will continue to watch Armada very carefully and see what else needs to be upgraded or helped along but we have a great start!

New Products: Token Set released for Shadowrun: Crossfire

We have a brand new token set in the store. This one is designed to work with Shadowrun: Crossfire. It is sold as a complete set or as individual items.

Crossfire Token Set - $24.99

Set Contains:

     8 x Damage Indicators
     4 x Health Tokens
     4 x Max Health Tokens
     20 x 1 Yen Tokens
     5 x 5 Yen Tokens


It is also available in individual packs for those who only want part of the set or to expand it.

Health Tokens - $4.99

This set comes with 4 each of the Health and Max Health tokens


Futuristic Yen Tokens - $14.99

This set comes with 20 x 1 yen coins and 5 x 5 yen coins. Great for other games as well!

Damage Indicator Set - $4.99

This set include 4 Damage indicators with card base. Quickly and accurately mark which slot is currently active on objective cards without fear of bumping.

New Product: 28mm Japanese Bridge

We have a new terrain item for the store. This Japanese style bridge is a combination of MDF, Acrylic rod, and styrene to create a unique look that works with most time periods and genres. Get adventurous and add LEDs to make a futuristic bridge with light up railing or use it as it is for everything from WWII to steampunk!

28mm Japanese Style Bridge - $11.99


New X-wing Products: Cloak Tokens, Huge Ship Movement, and New Colors!

We have several new items for X-wing. First up is our new Cloak Tokens. These tokens show a ship in transition among a star field. They are cut from fluorescent blue acrylic.

Starfighter Cloak Tokens

Price: $1.99 - Set of 3

Next up is our Huge Ship Movement Template. This should help you move those corvettes down the table in style. They come in Fluorescent blue, green, orange, and transparent red colors.

Huge Ship Movement Template

Price: $7.99

We also have new colors for our range rulers, firing arcs, and movement template sets. The new colors are Fluorescent Blue and Orange. These look great and give you some variety.

New Products: Warmachine Compatible Templates

We have some new templates and tokens. These are designed to work with Warmachine/Hordes but they may have others uses as well.

First up are the Unit Health Tokens. These tokens allow you to track which units have taken damage and require more then a single damage to kill. They use a row system so they work with different size units without any extra bookkeeping. The 50mm base token has the most boxes and has 3 rows. 5 boxes labeled 5 and 3 boxes labeled 8 and 2 final boxes label 10. This allows you and your opponent to easily identify when a unit has reached it's damage limit.

Set of 5 in 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm sizes

Steampunk Unit Health Tokens - $3.99

The next item is a set of movement templates that cover the most common movement used in the game. They feature 0.5", 1", 2" 3", 4", 5", and 6".

Steampunk Movement Template Set - $6.99

Finally we have some blast keys. These templates are designed to illustrate 3", 4", and 5" AOEs from 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm bases. They also have a quick reference for the scatter diagram on them.

Steampunk Blast Keys - $4.99


New Products: Starfighter Card Docks

Unfortunately, the last few months have had us working on equipment and dealing with production issues. We appreciate the support and patience during this time. We are back on track and are shipping orders as fast as possible. We have had a lot of products in development but those all got put on hold while we repaired our laser cutter. We previewed these on our facebook page a while back and regularly get requests for the to be release. Well the wait is over.

These card docks are designed to organize your play area for X-wing and Attack Wing. They fit sleeved or unsleeved cards and cardboard or acrylic tokens. Most ships need the base dock but sometimes you need a few extra slots for tokens or upgrade cards. We also designed some add on docks to help in those situations.

Starfighter Card Dock - $2.99

Starfighter Token Dock - $1.99

Starfighter Upgrade Card Dock - $1.99

New Products: LCM and LCA Landing Craft Kits

We have some new 28mm landing craft in the store. Now you have a few more options for getting those troops onto the beach.

First up is the LCA. This British landing craft were designed with comfy seats for the troops to ride in. To facilitate wargaming figures we increased the depth of the kit to hold standing figures in a tight formation. This allows figures to stand up under the side covers of the landing craft.

28mm LCA Landing Craft Kit

Price: $7.99

Next up is the LCM. This craft was primarily used to move tanks and larger groups of troops to the battlefield. We have widened it slightly to accommodate 48th and 56th scale shermans and other tanks. It also fits walkers and other vehicles from Dust Tactics.

28mm LCM Landing Craft Kit

Price: $16.99

New Products: Star Trek Attack Wing Accessories

So we have been putting together the great set of accessories for Attack Wing!

Unfortunately, The templates are slightly different then the ones used in X-wing. So we designed an entire new set to work with them including the additional movement types. We changed up the fonts used to fit better with the theme and help identify them if you also have the X-wing set.

Starship Movement Template Set

Price: $23.99

The range ruler is close to the X-wing one. We adjusted it to match perfectly but the difference is about 1mm so if you want to use your X-wing ruler then we won't tell if you don't :)

Starship Range Ruler

Price: $7.99

We have heard from several players that they need more cloaked mine tokens so we added that token to our list of products that are needed. They are made from blue fluorescent acrylic and have etched mine shapes on them.

Cloaked Mine Token Set

Price: $3.99

Contains: 2 x Cloaked Mine Token Set

We also have several base options. We of course made an Omni-Stand version of the Attack Wing bases. We also heard a few players may want to proxy in their clix ships so we came up a base that converts the clix base to have an Attack Wing compatible base. It comes in two parts and requires some glue.

Starship Omni-Stand Base

Price: $1.69

Starship Click-Adapter Base

Price: $1.89

New Products: New Ground Pattern and Overlays for X-Wing

We have a new mat pattern that fills a void in our line up. It's a scale-less ground combat mat. It features a natural bland of greens and browns that will be great for any scale from 6mm to 28mm. It is available with hex or square overlays.

Open Fields Fabric Mat

Price: $69.99 - 60" by 50"

          $79.99 - 80" by 60"

We have also added a new listing for Starfighter Overlays. These mats feature a 36" by 36" square in the middle for tournament play of both X-wing and Star Trek Attack Wing. It is faded slightly so that it blends into the background a bit. This gives you the option to use the entire mat for larger games or different rule sets. It is available for all our space mat patterns. The 80" by 60" option features 2 squares for running 2 games side by side. Works great for tournament play.

Starfighter Overlay Mat

Price: 60" by 50" -$69.99

          80" by 60: - $79.99


New Products: Tokens for X-wing!

We have some new tokens and we updated out universal dials for those X-wing fans out there. We have been working hard to get a great token set that will work for X-wing. 

First up is the Starfighter Action Token Set.

Contains: 3 x Focus Tokens
                3 x Evade Tokens
                2 x Stress Tokens
                2 x Critical Hit Tokens

Price: $5.99

These tokens are also available individually in packs of 5.

Focus Tokens - $2.99

Evade Tokens - $2.99

Stress Tokens - $2.99

Critical Hit Tokens - $2.99

We also have not forgotten the shield tokens. These are cut from blue fluorescent acrylic.

Shield Token Set

Price: $2.99 - set of 5

For you Y-wing fans, We have also have some tokens for ioned ships.

Ion Token Set

Price: $2.99

Lets not forget some Target Locks. These tokens are two parts and need to be glued together but the extra effort is worth it for a token that stands up and is easy to see from across the table. They are available with A-F or H-M labels.

Starfighter Target Lock Token Set

Price: $6.99 - Set of 6

We did some out of the box thinking as well and developed a token set to take care of some action cards that have delayed affects or changes that span an entire turn. They are designed to designate the affects of the Marksmanship, R2-F2, Exposed and Swarm Tactics cards.

Starfighter Advanced Token Set

Price: $4.99

Set Contains:
2 x Marksman Tokens
2 x Swarm Tokens
2 x Agility +1 Tokens
2 x Exposed Tokens

We have also updated the starfighter dials to include movement options for Star Trek Attack Wing and the new Wave 3 Ships.

Starfighter Universal Dials

Price: $2.99

We are working on adding more support for Star Trek Attack Wind in the next few weeks. We will also be adding an overlay option to our fabric mats in the next few days. More on that later.

New Product: Laser Cut Dials

We have adapted the starfighter dial designs to be more universal and even added a few etched designs. Every design has an option for 0-9 or 1-12. We have 6 designs currently covering all the major nations from WWII as well as a casualty dial.  There is also an option for a blank dial. Each dial is 40mm in diameter.

Laser Cut Dials

Price: $1.99 each

New Products: More X-wing Compatible Accessories

We have some new products available that should be handy for the X-wing players. We are working on a full token set as well. Many people have asked about it and we are working on putting together a set that really works well with the game. Our goal isn't to copy the original set but to one up it. Those should be available in a few weeks. For now, We have some handy items to tide you over.

Starfighter Replacement Dials:

These dials are universal. They contain all the possible movements available in the game. Each dial can be programmed to fit your custom ship designs or simply as a replacement for your worn out dials. All you need are a few crayons and your ready to go. Check out our tutorial on how to do it. They are made of laser cut acrylic and will last a lot longer then any of the cardboard dials.

Price: $2.99

Starfighter Location Markers:

Tired of bumping your ships with movement templates when the dog fights get tight? These new tokens allow you to mark the location of the ship and remove it. We also added several numbered circles so you can mark which ship goes with each location. They are laser cut from the same fluorescent acrylic that our template sets are made of.

Price: $3.99


Large Starfighter Firing Template:

We had added an large option to the firing templates. These are designed to match the nubs on the large starfighter bases and extend the arcs on the pilot cards. Great way to see if someone is in your arc or not. Available in Florescent Green and Transparent Red.

Price: $2.99

New Product: Starfighter Template/Deck Holder

We have been working hard on a lot of new cool stuff for you X-Wing players. We have several more product in the pipe but we didn't want to hold this one back. This template holder is great for keeping all those pesky templates in one place. It will work with any acrylic template set you happen to be using. We will not hold it against you if you don't have ours. It also works with the cardboard templates that come with the game. This should be handy for those of you playing in tournaments. As an added bonus, We decided to stick a damage deck holder on the side. It fits sleeved or unsleeved card decks.

It does come unassembled. So keep that in mind. Super glue(CA) can cloud the acrylic so either be very careful or check out your local hobby store for some Proweld or another acrylic glue. You can also use foam safe CA glue. That will not cloud.

Starfighter Template/Deck Holder

Price: $14.99

*Templates Sold Separately.