New Products: New Ground Pattern and Overlays for X-Wing

We have a new mat pattern that fills a void in our line up. It's a scale-less ground combat mat. It features a natural bland of greens and browns that will be great for any scale from 6mm to 28mm. It is available with hex or square overlays.

Open Fields Fabric Mat

Price: $69.99 - 60" by 50"

          $79.99 - 80" by 60"

We have also added a new listing for Starfighter Overlays. These mats feature a 36" by 36" square in the middle for tournament play of both X-wing and Star Trek Attack Wing. It is faded slightly so that it blends into the background a bit. This gives you the option to use the entire mat for larger games or different rule sets. It is available for all our space mat patterns. The 80" by 60" option features 2 squares for running 2 games side by side. Works great for tournament play.

Starfighter Overlay Mat

Price: 60" by 50" -$69.99

          80" by 60: - $79.99