New Products: Tokens for X-wing!

We have some new tokens and we updated out universal dials for those X-wing fans out there. We have been working hard to get a great token set that will work for X-wing. 

First up is the Starfighter Action Token Set.

Contains: 3 x Focus Tokens
                3 x Evade Tokens
                2 x Stress Tokens
                2 x Critical Hit Tokens

Price: $5.99

These tokens are also available individually in packs of 5.

Focus Tokens - $2.99

Evade Tokens - $2.99

Stress Tokens - $2.99

Critical Hit Tokens - $2.99

We also have not forgotten the shield tokens. These are cut from blue fluorescent acrylic.

Shield Token Set

Price: $2.99 - set of 5

For you Y-wing fans, We have also have some tokens for ioned ships.

Ion Token Set

Price: $2.99

Lets not forget some Target Locks. These tokens are two parts and need to be glued together but the extra effort is worth it for a token that stands up and is easy to see from across the table. They are available with A-F or H-M labels.

Starfighter Target Lock Token Set

Price: $6.99 - Set of 6

We did some out of the box thinking as well and developed a token set to take care of some action cards that have delayed affects or changes that span an entire turn. They are designed to designate the affects of the Marksmanship, R2-F2, Exposed and Swarm Tactics cards.

Starfighter Advanced Token Set

Price: $4.99

Set Contains:
2 x Marksman Tokens
2 x Swarm Tokens
2 x Agility +1 Tokens
2 x Exposed Tokens

We have also updated the starfighter dials to include movement options for Star Trek Attack Wing and the new Wave 3 Ships.

Starfighter Universal Dials

Price: $2.99

We are working on adding more support for Star Trek Attack Wind in the next few weeks. We will also be adding an overlay option to our fabric mats in the next few days. More on that later.

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