New Products: Star Wars Armada Accessories

So we have been digging into Armada lately and have a a full compliment of accessories to release for it. A few make game play easier and a few are direct replacements for cardboard components. 

First up is the range rulers. 

Range Ruler - Price $8.99

These range rulers replace the cardboard one and come with a set of acrylic number tokens that fit inside the maneuver tool. Available in 3 fluorescent colors.

Fighter Movement Ruler - Price $8.99

This set replaces the other side of the ruler and comes with a 1 range ruler to measure engagement in those tight spaces.

We did some serious thinking and came up with a great way to replace the fighter activation sliders. They look great in the fluorescent colors and will last a long time.

Fighter Activation Slider Set - $5.99

Next up we have acrylic replacements for the command dials. These fit into the stackable plastic cases just like the cardboard. They look great when you customize them by filling the etches with paint or even a crayon!

Command Dial Set - Price $2.99

Armada's Objective system is a great way to add to the game play but who wants to mark mines with boring cardboard tokens. So we have an acrylic set to replace all of them.

Objective Marker Set - Price $5.99

We also worked up some shield dials that drop right into the bases and use the same connectors as the cardboard ones. Again coloring them in with a crayon really helps the visibility.

Shield Dial Set - Price $2.99

We also figured it would be nice to have some organization to those ship cards. So we created a dial with integrated slots for the defence tokens. We are using a new dial system that will lay flat. They are super easy to assemble as the dial is already attached and all you have to do it peal and stick the token frame onto the dial. They are sized to the same height as the Armada ship cards.

Ship Dial - Price $4.99

So Armada is great but those little fighters are always getting in the way. So we came up with another location set like we did for X-wing. This one is a bit more complex and include tokens to keep track of the ships as well as the fighters. The ship location markers slip right into the back or front of the base.

Location Marker Set - Price $4.99


Next we have several tokens to replace the various command tokens.

Repair Command Token - Price $2.99

We know a lot of people have been asking for a turn dial as well. So we made as simple one to keep track of the turns.

Turn Dial - Price $2.99

So that dial was a bit too simple for us. We went a bit crazy and this came out. This is our Deluxe Turn Dial. It' rotates to indicate all 6 turns and the gears move each other so it flips back and forth between orange and blue activate on every other turn. Oh and it comes with a removable stand!

Deluxe Turn Dial - Price $14.99


We will continue to watch Armada very carefully and see what else needs to be upgraded or helped along but we have a great start!