New X-wing and Armada Products!

We have some great new products for X-wing and Armada Players! 

Starfighter Damage Deck Holder
3.50 6.99

This damage deck holder is designed to work with both sleeved and unsleeved cards used with X-Wing Miniatures Game and Star Wars Armada by Fantasy Flight Games*.  It comes unassembled but includes peel and stick adhesive parts so no glue required for assemble.

Armada Large Location Marker Set
1.50 2.99

This token set makes it easy to keep track of ship positions in Star Wars - Armada by Fantasy Flight Games*. It includes tokens for marking the Large and Medium ship base sizes. They are etched from acrylic and available in several colors. 
Set Contains:
2 x Large Starship Location Tokens

Armada Movement Tool Set
4.00 7.99

These movement tools are great for moving in very close and replicate one movement on the maneuver tool in Star Wars - Armada by Fantasy Flight Games*. This set includes a 3 range one movements that represent one tick, 2 tick, and no tick on the maneuver tool. 
Set Contains:
3 x Armada Movement Tools

Armada Defence Token Holder
1.50 2.99

This holder make a great organizer for Star Wars - Armada by Fantasy Flight Games*. This caddy holds four defence tokens. They fit perfect along side the ship or squadron cards for a very organized play area. The token caddy has adhesive already applied. Simply peal and stick then your ready to game! 
Set Contains: 1 x Defence Token Holder