New Products: Starfighter Card Docks

Unfortunately, the last few months have had us working on equipment and dealing with production issues. We appreciate the support and patience during this time. We are back on track and are shipping orders as fast as possible. We have had a lot of products in development but those all got put on hold while we repaired our laser cutter. We previewed these on our facebook page a while back and regularly get requests for the to be release. Well the wait is over.

These card docks are designed to organize your play area for X-wing and Attack Wing. They fit sleeved or unsleeved cards and cardboard or acrylic tokens. Most ships need the base dock but sometimes you need a few extra slots for tokens or upgrade cards. We also designed some add on docks to help in those situations.

Starfighter Card Dock - $2.99

Starfighter Token Dock - $1.99

Starfighter Upgrade Card Dock - $1.99