New Products: LCM and LCA Landing Craft Kits

We have some new 28mm landing craft in the store. Now you have a few more options for getting those troops onto the beach.

First up is the LCA. This British landing craft were designed with comfy seats for the troops to ride in. To facilitate wargaming figures we increased the depth of the kit to hold standing figures in a tight formation. This allows figures to stand up under the side covers of the landing craft.

28mm LCA Landing Craft Kit

Price: $7.99

Next up is the LCM. This craft was primarily used to move tanks and larger groups of troops to the battlefield. We have widened it slightly to accommodate 48th and 56th scale shermans and other tanks. It also fits walkers and other vehicles from Dust Tactics.

28mm LCM Landing Craft Kit

Price: $16.99