New Products: Star Trek Attack Wing Accessories

So we have been putting together the great set of accessories for Attack Wing!

Unfortunately, The templates are slightly different then the ones used in X-wing. So we designed an entire new set to work with them including the additional movement types. We changed up the fonts used to fit better with the theme and help identify them if you also have the X-wing set.

Starship Movement Template Set

Price: $23.99

The range ruler is close to the X-wing one. We adjusted it to match perfectly but the difference is about 1mm so if you want to use your X-wing ruler then we won't tell if you don't :)

Starship Range Ruler

Price: $7.99

We have heard from several players that they need more cloaked mine tokens so we added that token to our list of products that are needed. They are made from blue fluorescent acrylic and have etched mine shapes on them.

Cloaked Mine Token Set

Price: $3.99

Contains: 2 x Cloaked Mine Token Set

We also have several base options. We of course made an Omni-Stand version of the Attack Wing bases. We also heard a few players may want to proxy in their clix ships so we came up a base that converts the clix base to have an Attack Wing compatible base. It comes in two parts and requires some glue.

Starship Omni-Stand Base

Price: $1.69

Starship Click-Adapter Base

Price: $1.89

Jonathan BowenComment