New Products: More X-wing Compatible Accessories

We have some new products available that should be handy for the X-wing players. We are working on a full token set as well. Many people have asked about it and we are working on putting together a set that really works well with the game. Our goal isn't to copy the original set but to one up it. Those should be available in a few weeks. For now, We have some handy items to tide you over.

Starfighter Replacement Dials:

These dials are universal. They contain all the possible movements available in the game. Each dial can be programmed to fit your custom ship designs or simply as a replacement for your worn out dials. All you need are a few crayons and your ready to go. Check out our tutorial on how to do it. They are made of laser cut acrylic and will last a lot longer then any of the cardboard dials.

Price: $2.99

Starfighter Location Markers:

Tired of bumping your ships with movement templates when the dog fights get tight? These new tokens allow you to mark the location of the ship and remove it. We also added several numbered circles so you can mark which ship goes with each location. They are laser cut from the same fluorescent acrylic that our template sets are made of.

Price: $3.99


Large Starfighter Firing Template:

We had added an large option to the firing templates. These are designed to match the nubs on the large starfighter bases and extend the arcs on the pilot cards. Great way to see if someone is in your arc or not. Available in Florescent Green and Transparent Red.

Price: $2.99