New Product: Starfighter Template/Deck Holder

We have been working hard on a lot of new cool stuff for you X-Wing players. We have several more product in the pipe but we didn't want to hold this one back. This template holder is great for keeping all those pesky templates in one place. It will work with any acrylic template set you happen to be using. We will not hold it against you if you don't have ours. It also works with the cardboard templates that come with the game. This should be handy for those of you playing in tournaments. As an added bonus, We decided to stick a damage deck holder on the side. It fits sleeved or unsleeved card decks.

It does come unassembled. So keep that in mind. Super glue(CA) can cloud the acrylic so either be very careful or check out your local hobby store for some Proweld or another acrylic glue. You can also use foam safe CA glue. That will not cloud.

Starfighter Template/Deck Holder

Price: $14.99

*Templates Sold Separately.