Product Update: New Omni-Stand Releases

We continue to adapt and expand the Omni-Stand line. We have added a few new items to the store and made some changes to others.

We have struggled with our telescoping rod supplier for years now. We are very happy to have replaced them. What does this mean for you? Well better telescoping rods!

All the telescoping rods have been rolled into one item in the store and some changes have been made to the regular rods. They now have 7 segments and telescope from 5" to 25". We have had lots of requests for rods with more segments and are very happy with these new rods.  We are also adding two new types of rods.

Telescoping with Gimbal (Flat) - $3.99

Telescoping with Gimbal (Screw) -$4.99

The Gimbol rods have a mechanical joint that is stronger then the ball magnet and allow you to get the cinematic positioning benefits for larger and heavier aircraft. The screw type gives a solid mechanical connection that will hold up just about anything. Even die cast aircraft.

We also have a few new base options. First up is the Etched Round Bases. These bases have 30 degree firing arcs etched onto them. They should work great for Full Thrust and other games that use clock face movement.


30mm Etch Round Base - $1.39

40mm Etch Round Base - $1.64

50mm Etch Round Base - $1.69

60mm Etch Round Base - $1.74

We have also added some new options for oval bases. The small ovals are designed for long thin models like jet bikes and the large oval bases are perfect for larger flying models.

Small Oval (75mm by 25mm) - $1.39

Medium Oval (100mm by 60mm) - $1.99

Large Oval (120mm by 90mm) - $3.99

Jonathan BowenComment