Product Update: Fabric Mats now available in 80" by 60"

Well it's been a bit of a long road. Longer then we'd like but we can now offer the Fabric mats in 80" by 60"! All of our patterns will be available in the new size and we will begin testing new patterns so we can expand the line to include even more great images.

US Shipping will be $8.00.

Unfortuently, we where not able to get International shipping down so it will remain $39.95.  We will continue to work on lowering the cost but at this point it doesn't look like we will be able to.

80" by 60" mats - $79.99

60" by 50" mats - $69.99

We incorperate the overlays into the printed images so they are uniform and will not fade over time. This pic shows you what the Blue Nebula pattern looks like with the overlay.