New Products: 28mm Modern Laser cut Terrain kits

We are continuing to develop new and innovative ways to combine styrene and MDF to make some great look and easy to put together kits. The new set should be just the thing for those of you who like you zombie games or even modern military games in 28mm.

28mm Shopping Mall:

This set of buildings is designed to work together to make the staple of modern city terrain, The Shopping Mall! The standard and extended roof buildings are designed to stagger alternatively. Two extended roofs cannot be placed next to each other. The corner building works with either style to give you an inward 90 degree turn. Great for making L-Shaped or U-Shaped Malls. These stores can also be used as stand along small stores.

Prices: Standard Store - $16.99

           Extended Roof Store - $17.99

           Corner Store - $24.99

28mm Convenience Store

Where better to survive the Zombie apocalypse then a corner convenience store! Lots of food and supplies. Plenty of gas to make cocktails.

Price: $29.99

28mm Gas Station Island

Need to add a little something to your convenience store? Why not a pump island. This island comes with 4 pumps in 2 rows and should make a great addition to any table.

Price: $24.99

28mm Fast Food Restaurant

Another great hide out for the end of the world! This MASSIVE building is the largest we have made to date. It was so big we decided to include an etched floor plan inside. Better check the bathrooms before you settle in... The slopped roof is design to be easily removed for access to the interior. It is 400mm by 280mm by 110mm! A great center piece for your next game.

Price: $59.99

Assembly videos are in the works and will be posted soon. Links will be provided in the product descriptions as they are uploaded.

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