Ocean Map Pics

We received the ocean prototype today. It looks great. The fabric is REALLY heavy. Almost too heavy. If the supply issues get worked out these will make great long lasting maps that if taken care of should never need to be replaced. The colors came out great but the printer scaled the image a bit more then I anticipated. I will have to look into that and may reduce them a bit so the ocean looks a little calmer when compared to smaller scale ships.

Just a note on the close up, The grainy look is not on the fabric it comes from the flash and my poor camera skills. The threads show up like this when the flash hits them.

I am excited about these new maps. This pattern as well as a few others that I'm waiting for prototypes to come back on will be available as soon as the supply issue with the printer is worked out.

Also we have decided to not offer these maps for sale directly from the printer. In order to provide a better quality product and ensure they last a long time we have decided to bring all the maps here for inspection and finishing before they are sent back out. Custom work will require some extra lead time because of this. We will try to stock more popular pattern/overlay combos.

Jonathan BowenComment