Countryside and City Maps Preview


Another prototype came in today. The desert and snow maps failed. The detail was not strong enough to come through. We will work on those and try to come up with a solution in the future. The 285th maps are a little out of scale. We will correct that and try again. They look great but the city map needs a lot of work. The shadows are too deep and that prevents the details underneath from coming through. We are still working on the space maps and a ton of other projects. We hope to be releasing a lot of products over the next few months and a few additional upgrades to the website. Ok enough babbling on to the pictures!



The tank used here is one of my newly painted GHQ Panther Gs. The tree details worked out great and the fields look amazing as well. These will be scaled a little more to fit 285th but its harder to see the difference in this images.


The way Speed should have ended....

It so hard to park a tank... The scale is a bit off so the tank should be ~30% larger and a lot bigger then a minivan. The cars are 4 - 5 meters in real life and the tank is just shy of 7 to give you an idea of what it should look like.

Some roof details. This is the hostpital and it looks great.

We are going to work on these a bit and then send away for another prototype. This one will include a big batch of space maps and some other patterns. This should get us ready for a big release when our printer gets their supply issues worked out.

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