Good News, Bad News, and Photos from France

Good News

We are working on getting better quality images at a higher res for 15mm and 28mm maps. So I built THIS:

Confused yet? Well using another prototype product we are working on, I attached a servo to an erector set rig. This adaptor will be part of a set that we will be releasing later when the line is finsihed. However most of you don't care about robots so back to gaming. What does this guy do? Well the AXONII controls the servo and that pushes the button on my camera that obviously is in use and not in the shot. Mount this and some batteries to a 23 foot painters pole and this is what you get.


This is my backyard from 23 feet up. Some more tweaking needs to be done then we can scout some areas for great photos.

Bad News

More printer touble. So my printing company informs me that they are having trouble sourcing the size of cotton fabric that I wanted to use. So more delays. I had planned to release the ocean maps this week but that has been put on hold for the near future. The ocean prototype will be in tomorrow and I'll post pictures of that before it goes to be hemmed.


Photos from France

One of our customers sent us some great photos so with his permission I wanted to share them.This is our red nebula map in the smaller size that is still available.  Christophe uses it with a Wings of War adaptation using 1/200th scale Macross models from Yamata.

This got me to thinking and I think we will work on getting a system in place where customers can submit photos of our products in use. Then we will have a gallery for eveyone to look through and see the cool stuff people come up with. Of course that will be down the road after the map store is given an overhaul to work with the larger maps and help preview the different options.

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