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Magnet Applicator Tool

This handy tool allows you to precisely place magnets as small as 1/8" magnets. Pressing the plunger reveals a steel rod that picks up the magnets and when you release the it the rod retracts into the tool releasing it. The main shaft is brass so the magnet isn't attracted to it. Quickly and easily magnetize your next prop or armor project!

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High Quality Disk Magnets
from 3.00

Magnets! Connect all the things and make stuff move or removable. Pick the right magnet for the right job! All our magnets are N42 rated and high quality.

1/4” by 1/8” - 3lb Pull Force (Set of 10)

3/8” by 1/10” - 3.8lb Pull Force (Set of 8)

1/2” by 1/4” - 14lb Pull Force (Set of 4)

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Blueprints and STLs

Blueprint: Pyrrha Niko's Milo in Sword Form

This blueprint was based on the files used in our laser cut build of the prop. They are highly accurate and scaled for the full sized weapon. This PDF is 5 pages. The first page is an overview of the prop and includes enlarged versions of the etched details found on the prop. The other 4 pages are a full size print of the weapon. Simply print them out and tape them together for a perfect template to make your own Milo!

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Blueprint: Zuko's Dagger from Avatar the Last Airbender

Zuko cherished this gift from his uncle Iroh. Iroh sent it to him after the fall of Ba Sing Se. This dagger was used to remove their top knots symbolizing their renouncement of the Fire Nation.

This blueprint includes a full size blueprint of the dagger with details on the etching. It also includes two 8 1/2" by 11" sheets that can be printed and used as a template to make the dagger. 

This blueprint comes in pdf format.

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