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Round LED Eye 32mm Diameter Set of 2

Need to light up that helmet? Our lenses are designed to fit a wide range of helmets including Star Lord. They are 32mm in diameter and come assembled but not wired. They include connections for RGB LEDs inside. The blue lenses block the red light but you can change the color if needed to accommodate your needs.  The blue lenses only filter the red light. They come with two different types of outer lenses. Diffused and Clear. The diffused lenses give a more even light but also restrict vision more. The clear lenses have a unique look and are easier to see through. The mirrored finish on the blue lenses reflects the light back out helps give them an even tone. The LEDs are designed to work with 12VDC but a 9 volt battery can be wired directly to them or with a switch and be incorporated into the helmet for a great look and low profile.  They are sold as a set of two Lenses. 

Curious how to use these? Check out Punished Props video where he used our prototypes to light up his Star Lord Helmet

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