New Printer and Patterns

I have some more images to show off and some good news. We are working with a new printer. They can handle 60" in width. So we will be releasing two new map sizes. 5' by 9' and 5' by 6'. These prices are not in stone yet but we are looking at $75 for the 9' and $50 for the 6'. Originally I was going to leave the 42" wide maps up for sale but with the prices being so close for a better and larger map they will most likely not be offered anymore.


Ok now for some eye candy.

Country Side #1

Country Side #2

Country Side #3

City #1


Some things to note. Country side # 2 and 3 are a pair. They can be put next to each other and create a gaming space 10' by 9'. Might be a little rough getting to units in the middle of the table but I thought I would give people the option.

Now to the good part. These are designed for 1/285th scale games. For instance in the city map the roads will be printed roughly an inch in width. I had some scifi micro armor laying around and the tank is almost exactly the width of a single lane, a little larger then the cars. I removed all the cars from the roadways but left the parked cars for eye candy and things to run over. These should work great for Battletech, mirco armor games, and heavy gear. Most of the building and objects have been removed from the country side maps so they can be used for Flames of War or other 15mm games if desired. Unless you do what our local club does and forget the 15mm and play FOW in 285th.


Prototypes have to be printed to check details and colors then we will start offering them for sale. At this time they will be purchased unfinished like the last set. I am working on getting the ability to hem them and maybe scotch guard them. I am trying for a cost of around $15, but I still have a lot of details to work out with that.


New Patterns In development

I've been are working on several new patterns. These patterns still need to be prototyped but I thought I'd give a sneak peak as to what we are working on.


This is hard to see but the detail is there. My hope is that when printed the details come out and adds more texture tp the table then just a blank white sheet.


I like this pattern and the next few are derived from it. I used aerial desert photos to make this one up.


I want to print this before I fiddle with the colors more. It is the same texture of the desert map but with a red tint. I took actual martian landscape photos and tried to get the same red dirt feel. A lot of martian maps I have seen are to bright. I wanted more of a red clay look to this one.


Same process as the martian map but with moon photos. I'm going to try and come up with overlays for craters that will work with both these maps.

We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline and some is getting close to release. Still working on getting larger sizes and trying to keep the cost down.


Printed Fabric Maps Now Available

We are making several fabric maps available for order. Each map is 42" by 72" and comes with unfinished edges. To extend the life of your map we recomend that you finish the edges by hemming or taping. Maps can be washed in warm or cool water with phosphate-free detergent. 

These maps are created using high res photos and are very detailed. Custom overlays are available upon request. We can do hex and square of most sizes. If the size you need is not listed opon checkout please contact us with your requirements.

Available patterns:

Aerial Farmland


Red Nebula

More patterns will be available soon.


Maps can be ordered here.



New Fabric Maps

This is what we are going to offer for our first set of maps.

Aerial Farmland

Blue Nebula # 1

Blue Nebula #2

Red Nebula

Green Nebula

These along with the standard star field and the ocean map are going to the printers to be prototyped. Soon we will have actual product pictures and then they will be available for sale.