New Patterns In development

I've been are working on several new patterns. These patterns still need to be prototyped but I thought I'd give a sneak peak as to what we are working on.


This is hard to see but the detail is there. My hope is that when printed the details come out and adds more texture tp the table then just a blank white sheet.


I like this pattern and the next few are derived from it. I used aerial desert photos to make this one up.


I want to print this before I fiddle with the colors more. It is the same texture of the desert map but with a red tint. I took actual martian landscape photos and tried to get the same red dirt feel. A lot of martian maps I have seen are to bright. I wanted more of a red clay look to this one.


Same process as the martian map but with moon photos. I'm going to try and come up with overlays for craters that will work with both these maps.

We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline and some is getting close to release. Still working on getting larger sizes and trying to keep the cost down.

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