WorkBench Update: Omni-Stand Flex Rods

It has been a while since the last workbench update. To busy releasing new stuff to write about future stuff.


We released our sphere magnetic add-ons for the Omni-Stand system some time ago. They work great for the smaller stuff. What about big heavy resin and metal miniatures? We have a working prototype of the first Omni-Stand Flex Rod.

This 1/300 scale B-17 is way to heavy for the smaller magnets. We have tried larger magnets but they are bulky and expensive. The flex rod seems to be the solution we have been looking for. This one can bend almost a full 90 degrees. It is rated for about a pound at this length. We hope to get a little more movement out of it by sacrificing a small amount of holding power. We are also going to try and adapt it to the telescoping rods.

We wanted to test it out on a larger minaiture. We used the Tarakian Battleship from Spartan Game's Firestorm Armada. It was around 3.5 ounces.

The flex rod holds up really well. It doesn't slip at all. I'll try to get shots of a larger ship. One of our local gamers has been working on a massive resin Battlestar Pegasus model for some scenarios. I hope to convince him to let me try it on the flex rod.

The normal Omni-Stand Rods hold the weight without any problems. Not many flight stands would. Hopefully the Flex Rod will be able to handle that might weight.

This is an early prototype and we have lots of work to do but we wanted to give everyone a preview of what we are working on.

Jonathan Bowen1 Comment