New Product: Omni-Ruler

The Omni-Ruler system is a series of screw together sections that create a customizable ruler. Most games have measurements that are always the same. The Omni-Ruler gives you the flexibility to make a ruler that meets your needs.

Each section is 1" long.

We are currently offering three different colors. Alternating colors helps to define each individual inch.

In order to get a flat edge to the ruler you need an end cap. These are available in all three colors.

You can easily glue sections together to create a permanent length of ruler. This is handy for games that involve range bands. You can easily store the set ranges and as the games gets closer remove the longer range bands.

The ruler is made from aluminum making it light weight and durable. Long sections are easy to make. We have tested out to 60" with only a small amount of bowing.

The best part about the Omni-Ruler? Each 1" section is only $0.49 and each end piece is $0.74.

Check out the Omni-Rulers here.

Jonathan Bowen2 Comments