Introducing Fabric Mat 2.0

Back in December, we made the choice to shutdown our normal Fabric mat production. This was due mainly to increasing printing costs and lowering quality. So we set out on a mission to find a better and cheaper method of production. The result is Fabric Mat 2.0.

The new mats feature a thicker material. They are made from thick fleece which is comparable to felt without all the pesky fraying. They also lack the gloss look that most vinyl mats have. The synthetic fibers take inks a lot better then the heavy cotton.  The result is absolutely stunning. Rich vivid colors and deep blacks gives our old patterns new life and opens the door for even more patterns to be developed in the future.  Here is a side by side of the two versions.

The new version is machine washable. This was not possible with the old one because they ran the risk of fading. Now you can't be tossing these in the wash with your next load of laundry but they can be cleaned if something tragic happens like a spilled drink.

You'd think that all these great features would come at a cost. However, we are excited to be able to offer these mats at a much lower price then our previous version. 60" by 50" mats will run $69.99. However, this price doesn't come without some restrictions. In order to keep the cost low, we have decided to have the printer ship directly to our customers. This puts a few restrictions on us. The mats can no longer be mixed with general orders from our store. We converted them to buy it now buttons.

To celebrate the return of our Fabric Mats, we have decided to offer free shipping to all our US based customers. Unfortunately, Our international customers will see an increase in shipping costs. Currently we are forced to use UPS for shipping and that will cost $39.95 for all international orders.

We are working on a major store upgrade and integrating our system with the new printers. This will allow us to reduce the international shipping cost and release new sizes. We have plans for 80" x 60" and 40" by 30". This will take some time so we decided to move forward with the 60" by 50" mats.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions or issues with the new buttons!