New Products:Flat Pack Terrain

We all could use some more terrain in our lives. You can easily find great shapes in every day objects. Boxes, product packaging, and bottles make great bases for buildings but it can be difficult to convert them into great looking terrain pieces. Enter Flat-Pack Terrain sets. These laser cut styrene details glue onto almost any shape. The styrene is thin (0.020") and can bend to cover slight curves. They are thin enough that you don't have that unnatural glued on door look. With some work, they can even be blended into the structure for a more realistic look of inset doors. The styrene holds paint better then mdf and they take washes and dry brushing great.

We currently have 3 sets of door, windows, and vents available. We also have three styles of vehicle sized doors. They are available in 28mm and 15mm. The vehicle doors work great in different scales as well. The 15mm versions make nice wide doors in 28mm and the 28mm ones are large enough to work as massive hanger doors for 15mm.

Each set contains several pieces help together by a sprue frame that is easy to remove and clean. Prices range from $1.99- $3.99 for 15mm and $3.99 to $4.99 for 28mm.

Here are a few samples. Check out the rest here.




Jonathan BowenComment