Telescoping Rods back in Stock and a Sale!

We have the telescoping rods back in stock! We didn't have them in stock for the last sale so we decided to have another one this weekend. Friday through Monday we will be offering 15% off everything in the store. This is not cumulative with the volume discounts.

We have also updated the store and added some more items. We will now be offering the option for black for most of the Omni-Stand bases. We have also reorganized the store a bit. We expanded the sizes we offer for round bases and combined them into one single item.

We have also started offering the Steampunk Template items in both blue and clear acrylic. These are great for those of you who play Dystopian War.

We just received our new laser cutter. We have been outsourcing till now. Having the cutter in house will give us a lot more flexibility to release new products faster and expand our line to include items that would normally not generate enough interest to stock on a regular basis.

We are also experimenting with a few new ideas. We will soon be offering a new service to our Omni-Ruler customers. We now have the capacity to etch custom messages onto the ruler sections and end caps. This will add a new level of personalization and utility to the Omni-Rulers. You can label them by size or add sections to identify specific ranges.

The next few months are going to see a lot of changes and big pile of new products. Drop us an email if there is something you'd like to see us produce.

Jonathan BowenComment