Omni-Stand Birthday Sale!

July 15th 2011 was the first release of the Omni-Stand system. Today, Omni-Stand turns 1 year old. So what better way to celebrate then to have a sale! We will be offering 15% off of everything in the store from Monday (7/16) till Friday (7/20).

We have some new videos as well.

For those who are interested we put together a few pictures of the early prototypes and how we eventually got to the Omni-Stand we sell today.

The early versions were more concept then actual flight stands. This one was interesting.

Remember these guys? These magnetic mounts were predecessor to the current system.

We soon had a working prototype.

Several revisions proved that acrylic didn't like to have threads tapped into it. This lead us to the brass inserts we use now.

We are still working on improving the system and have not forgotten about the flexible and clear rods. Supply and production issues have slowed those down but we are working on fixing those and improving the system.

So Happy Birthday Omni-Stand!


Jonathan BowenComment