New Product: Omni-Stand Aerial Support Base

The Omni-Stand Aerial Support Base allows you to use a single base to represent airplane support. It has an integrated DiceDock that holds the 14mm airplane dice used in Flames of War*.

Increase the cinematic feel by adding an Omni-Stand Sphere Magnet Add-on or Telescoping Rod with Sphere Magnet.

As with all the Omni-Stand products, you only need to purchase as many bases and rods as you'd need for a game and then mounts for all your airplanes.

Omni-Stand Aerial Support Base

Price: $1.14 each (Volume Discount Available)

*Flames of War is a trademark of Battlefront Miniatures Limited. CorSec Engineering is not affiliated with Battlefront and they do not endorse these products.

Jonathan BowenComment