New Product: New Barrier Fence Items

The Barrier Fence line has expanded to include complete sets for 15mm and 28mm.

We have added Gatehouses and Corner Towers for the 15mm Sections.

Now you can completely surround your compound with secure it from any enemies. (No warranty is give in the event of a massive bug invasion)

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We have also added a complete set of 28mm Barrier Fence products.

28mm Barrier Fence Section

28mm Barrier Fence Corner Towers

28mm Barrier Fence Gatehouse

You can quickly add your own flavor to the fences and customize them to create any look your after.

We had Jim Klien put his expert touch to the fences and he was able to create a this abandoned colony entrance for us.

All Barrier Fence products come unassembled and unpainted. They are made from clear acrylic.