New Product: Mag-Tokens

We are proud to announce that we are launching a new product line. We have partnered with Ambush Alley Games to bring you the first set of Mag-Tokens!

What's so special about these new tokens? They are made of thick magnetic material that has a full color image printed on the top. You don't have to sort through bags or plastic cases for the correct token anymore! Each Mag-Token set comes with a metal plate for storage and easy access.

They stick to any steel object so you can hold them on our storage cases or rulers for quick and easy access.

The Ambush Alley tokens are designed to work with Force on Force and Tomorrows War. We have developed an infantry set and a vehicle set. Each consists of 40 tokens and can be purchased as a combo for a total of 80 tokens.

The best part about these tokens is the price!

Single Set: $6.99

Double Set: $10.99


Jonathan BowenComment