Product Update: New options available for the DiceDock line

Dice are a great way to keep track of stats on the battlefield. DiceDocks are a great way to protect them from table bumps and wild rolling. They provide protection from accidental rolling and keeps them together so several dice can follow a unit as it moves across the table.

Orignally, DiceDocks were designed with naval games in mine. The original set was released in a tinted blue color. We have added a new size. The Quad DiceDock hold four 12mm dice.

We have also decided to add another option to the original set of DiceDocks. They are all now available in clear! The new color allows them to blend in with the table more.

We also have a new DiceDock Add-ons for the Omni-Stand system. These add-ons sit on top of the base and allows your dice to be move with you flight stands. Keep track of altitude, hit points, or speed without worrying about the dice falling off when you move the stand.

We have added Double and Quad DiceDocks to complete the set.


Single - $2.49 (Pack of 5)

Double - $4.49 (Pack of 5)

Triple - $5.99 (Pack of 5)

Quad - $4.99 (Pack of 3)

Omni-Stand DiceDock Add-ons

Single - $0.69 each

Double - $1.19 each

Triple - $1.69 each

Quad - $1.99 each