Omni-Stand Updates

We have added several new options to the Omni-Stand system.

The Omni-Stand dials work great for keeping track of stats associated with each stand. We have added options for numbers 1-12 and the option to have two indicators. These can be used to keep track of speed and altitude or anything your games needs.

Omni-Stand Dials with One Indicator:
Numbered 0-9    @ $1.49
Numbered 1-12  @ $1.64

Omni-Stand Dials with Two Indicators:
Numbered 0-9    @ $1.74
Numbered 1-12  @ $1.99


We have also added a new base to the Etched square bases list. This one is designed to work with the French Sky Fortress from Dystopian Wars.

Sky Fortress base (102mm by 75mm) @ $2.24 each


We have also added a new type of topper for the system. These can be used as bases or screw into the top of any rod to hold several medium miniatures on one stand. These are similar to the fighter topper but a lot bigger to hold your swarms of miniatures.


Omni-Stand Creature Topper @ $0.89

Finally we have added some organically shaped bases to the line. These are great for asteroids of cloud affects. They come as a set or can be purchased individually.

Omni-Stand Asteroid Base Set @ $8.99

Jonathan BowenComment