New Product: Small Omni-Stand Mounts and Magnetic Mounts

We have been working to find a mounting solution for smaller miniatures. The Small Mounts are a great solution for mounting on a miniature that is to small or fragile to be drilled into. We are also releasing the Small Magnetic Add-on that will have a much smaller profile then the original Magnetic Add-ons

Omni-Stand Small Mounts

Price: $0.45 each (volume discounts available)

Omni-Stand Small Magnetic Mounts

Price: $0.99 each (volume discounts available)

The Small Mounts are roughly 1/4" in diameter and just under 3/16" high. This is a much better profile then the original mounts that measured 3/8" in height. They work with all the Omni-Stand rods and other accessories.


We took some shots of a Micro Armor 1/285th scale HS 129B with the mounts. This is a very small plane and it looks great with the small mount attached.

We have also used this as a base to create a smaller magnetic mount. The rare earth magnet is 1/4" in diameter. This is a great deal smaller then the original mount that measured 3/8" in diameter. Both sizes of mounts will work with these magnets.

The magnets are very strong and should hold up most miniatures without a problem.

Jonathan BowenComment