New Product: Mini Templates for Firestorm Armada

The Mini Template has been added to the Docking Template to make a set that is designed to work with Firestorm Armada. The mini template has 2" of movement and a 45 degree angle on either side. Works great for getting into those tight spots.

We filled in the etching with some white paint to make them more visible in the photos. A crayon is also a good way to fill the lines in.

The template is designed to quickly and easily turn a medium or large vessel.

For those not familiar with the Docking Turn Template, It is designed dock with the base and extend the firing arcs out for better visibility.

The long edge is 4" long. This makes it easy to determine if a ship is in range for PD fire or not. The tick marks are also hand for quickly moving your ships without using a tape measure.

The best part is we have not increased the cost for the template.  You get two Mini Templates and one Docking Template for $5.00.

We are also going to list the Mini Template as a separate item. They will be sold in packs of 2 for $1.49. Just in case you want a few more or already have the Docking Template.

Jonathan BowenComment