New Products: Magnetic and Telescoping Add-Ons for Omni-Stand system

Here is the first in the series of Add-Ons to the Omni-Stand system. These add different functionality to the system but still maintain the interchangeable nature of the stands.

First up are the Flat Magnet Add-Ons. These screw into the existing pegs and provide a flat magnetic surface that works with the Omni-Stand Mounts. They are sold in packs of two.

Price: 2.99

Next up are the Sphere Magnets Add-Ons. Based on our original spherical mount design, These allow you to add motion to your static stands. It gives you the freedom to easily and quickly position the miniature in many different poses through out the game. The are sold in individually.

Price: $2.49

On to the telescoping rods, each rod has 5 sections and extends from 5 3/4" to 17 3/4". They are designed to screw directly into any Omni-stand mount but we recommend the larger sizes to help with balancing issues. The Flat Topped Telescoping Rods give a good surface to attach a miniature and work great with the Omni-Stand Mounts. Sold individually.

Price: $3.49

Finally we have the Telescoping rod with Spherical magnet, these work great for those dog fighting games to add more realism and can be used to keep track of which direction a miniature turned last turn.

Sold Individually

Price: $4.99


Check out the rest of the Omni-Stand system here.

We have a lot more items to add this week. Stay tuned for more items including Wings of War compatible bases and a few more fabric mat patterns.


Jonathan BowenComment