Product Preview: Dystopian Wars Firing arc tool

We got the initial prototypes done for a new product and wanted to take some time to show them off.

This tool is designed for Dystopian wars and has the much needed firing arcs and some other nice features. You'll notice is it a weird shape. Well the tool can be used as a turn template as well. Each side is an inch long and all the turning arcs are represented.

The template is notched so it will fit over most turrets without anything getting in the way. In order to accent the etching we filled them in with a little white paint. The final product will have a smoother arc.

Other minor changes will involve the letters indicating which arc is for the different sizes. These will be made a little more simple to aid in reading them. We plan to keep the font in the center as it gives a nice look to the template.

Each template will retail for around $5.00. We will try to keep the cost as low as possible but it involves a lot of etching. Look for them in a few weeks!

Jonathan BowenComment