New Product: Omni-Stand System


The Omni-Stand system is a revolutionary flight stand system that gives you the freedom to use any miniature with any game system. It also allows you to store your miniatures in less space and you never have to worry about broken pegs again.

The system consists of three basic elements.

The Mount

These mounts can be flush mounted to your miniature or they fit nicely inside a 3/16" hole for a more secure hold. This is the only component that is required for all your miniatures. Once all your miniatures are on the mounts then you only need as many pegs and bases as is required by your game.


The Peg

This is the part that puts the flight in flight stand. We will be offering several lengths ranging from 1" to 3".  The small rubber rings on the ends compress as you screw the stand together allowing for precise positioning of your models. The pegs are made from steel and aluminum to provide the strength to hold large miniatures without the chance of the peg breaking.

The Base

Finally we have the Base, the metal insert in each base provides strength and accepts any of the pegs. The insert is press fit into each base. The only way to remove it is to break the acrylic base. This is the first set of bases that we are making available. Several more will be released in the coming months. Already in the works are Wings of War compatible bases as well as Full Thrust compatible round bases.


Demonstration Video


So what else does the Omni-Stand have to offer? Over the next few months we will start releasing accessories for the system. These will include removable DiceDocks, various dials and indicators, and magnetic mounts that allow you to position your miniature to provide a cinematic element to your games. We are also working on telescoping rods and larger hex bases.


The Omni-Stand system is available here.