New Products: 1.5" and 2.5" Planet Kits

We have added 1.5" and 2.5" kits to our lineup of Acrylic Planet Kits. These work great for smaller planets and moons.


Each kit comes with an acrylic rod and base as well as the sphere. Check them out here. Here are some painted examples of the 1.5",2.5" and 3".

Each planet has a theme. The 1.5" is modeled after Europa with a white base and fine crack lines drawn all over it. The next is a tundra like planet that is to cold for much green to grow but it still has plenty of water. The last is a desert planet. We also have a sneak peak at some the larger kits we are working on.

The 4" blue planet is showing off a prototype of a ring add-on we are working on. Next to that is a 6" model with larger base for stability. Finally we have the unpainted massive 8" planet.  Now you can fill you table with great looking planets that are easy to paint and strong enough to last. We are working on a few tutorials to show how easy it is to make great looking planets. Most of these where painted in under 30 minutes.