Workbench Update: Smaller DiceDocks and 60" wide mats

We have been hard at work lately trying to get a lot of new and cool stuff coming your way. We are expanding the DiceDock line to include all your favroite dice. 7mm and 5mm prototypes are in the works as well as D4,D8,D10,D12, and D20 versions. We also have a Dystopian Wars fighter fuel counter going in for prototyping.

We got news from our suppliers that the long wait for 60" wide fabric is almost over. All 56" wide mats will be changed to 60" and we plan to bring back 42" by 72" with all our current patterns. New patterns are in the works as well. We will start introducing ground combat mats soon.

Planet painting tutorials are in the works as well. New size are in the works as well. 1.25" really soon with 2.5" to follow. 6" and 8" are a ways out but will be a possibility.

Lots of stuff in the pipeline! Till then keep on gaming!

Jonathan BowenComment