Product Preview: Omni-Stand

One stand to rule them all... Introducing the Omni-Stand!

Now you can free your miniatures from their stands. Use any miniature with multiple bases and accessories. Storage is easy as well. Unscrew the miniature and the peg and it all collapses for easy storage and transport. The stands are build to last with a metal rod and metal insert in the acrylic stands. Now you don't have to worry about snapping off a peg or breaking an expensive stand. The rubber gaskets allow you to precisely position your miniatures to accommodate the any direction and keep it there.

It works for Large models:

Medium Models:

Small Models:

We also have several accessories lines planned. Our universal magnetic mounts that give you the freedom to add cinematic motion to your miniatures.

We are also working on telescoping rods:

The final bases will have optional docking accessories. These will include DiceDocks and various dials and indicators. We have big plans for this system.

The initial run will include the following bases:

1" circle

30mm circle

60mm circle

40mm square

3" hex

4" hex

5" hex

Custom bases will be available upon request. We will start offering Omni-Stand products in late May.

Jonathan Bowen2 Comments