Workbench Update: Painted example of 1.5" planet

Here is a painted example of the prototype 1.5" planet kit we should have out soon.



Everything is almost ready for the smaller planets. 1.5" and 2.5" are planned. Also working out the last details on larger planets in 6" and 8" diameters. Also planned is an add-on kit for making planets with rings. Lots more of cool stuff coming out soon.

A note on the paint job. This method works for making a distinction between gas planets and rock planets. You cover the entire surface with Vallejo sandy paste. Make some landmarks that will stand out like mountain ranges or craters. Then let that dry. Depending on the look you want you can paint it several different ways. This example started with a red base coat and then you dry brush the black on to bring out the details and create darker areas where the higher elevation features are. A little more dry brushing with a scarlet color to brighten some areas and create some active lava flows and it was done. Total painting time (minus drying time) < 15 mins.

Another example is a 3" planet that has been been fought over by different Scifi camps for a name. To date the various names are: Tatooine, Arrakis , and Venus.

The only big difference was the addition of a magic wash layer to blend in the details more and subdue the colors. It was just a simple mix of future floor wax, water, and black paint. Next time I'm planning on trying the same color scheme with a red magic wash to see if that helps it look Martian.

Before Magic Wash:

After Magic Wash:


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