New Product: DiceDocks

DiceDocks are designed to help keep you organized and protect record keeping dice from accidentally being turned over or hit while rolling dice. Several sizes are available as well as two styles.

Blue Ocean DiceDocks can be used to track speed or hit point of your vessels and allow for easy movement of several dice at one time as the models move around.


 This exceptional Ironclad was provided by Bob Davison.

Three sizes are available and sold in packs of 5. They are designed to hold 12mm 6-sided dice.


In addition to the ocean DiceDocks, We also have the Firestorm Armada specific DiceDock. Designed to mount to your existing 40mm by 40mm stand, these DiceDocks provide space for 3 12mm 6-sided dice.

The pack does not include the stand. They are designed to slide over top of your already in use stand and to be glued in place. You can keep track of all your ship stats as the game progresses without having to dig around for the right token. The dice are secure and will not fall off during normal ship movement. These will be sold in packs of 3.


DiceDocks are available here.


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