Sneak peek at Firestorm Armada Acessories

We are working hard on some new products and should have lots coming out in the next few months.

To tide you over here is a sneak peek at some of our new accessories for Firestorm Armada.


Dice holder:

This is a stand right out of the Spartan Games box. The holder is designed to be glued right on top of the existing stand and even has a slot for the peg so you can modify any stands that already have ships on them.

Now you can add colored dice to keep track of stats for your ships. We may also offer a varient that has four slots to use with ships with more then 6 HP.


Turn Template:


I used some white paint to try and get the etched lines to stand out more. The template has 1 inch movement notches as well as a 45 degree turn. The big hole in the middle is just the right size to fit a 40mm by 40mm base. This should help figure out those firing arcs a little easier.

The prototypes are working great and if you want to see them in use check out my gaming blog where you can see tons of pics from our firestorm adventures.


We are working out the last few details and should have these out soon.

Jonathan Bowen1 Comment