Product Preview: Painted Example of the Barrier Fence

We got a shipment of acrylic rod in a few days ago. We have decided that it would be best to offer the option of 8 x 3" rods for use with the fence. We have worked out the details for cutting them and will make them available when the fence is released.

We decided to paint up a few sections and show them off. The miniatures are Earth Force Marines and a Merka 5 Tank by Rebel Minis.

The fence is a really light weight. It can stand on its own. but we added a small washer to the bottom to give it a bit more stability. A fender washer could also be used. This will give a bit of room for foliage at the uprights.

A better angle on the fence.

The sections are around 50mm high. This is a good 3 times as big as the figures. It should work great for 15mm. It also looks good for Battletech or Heavy Gear.

Jonathan BowenComment