Product Preview: Barrier Fence for 15mm Scifi

Having trouble keeping your colony safe from roaming dinosaurs or giant alien bugs? Need a new laser or plasma fence? We have the solution for you. The CorSec Engineering Barrier Fence.

Each fence section consists of two uprights and a base.Each upright support has 8 x 1/6" diameter holes drilled into it. Brass, Styrene, or wooden dowels make great barriers. You can even use florescent acrylic rods for a more futuristic look. The top has a very small hole that can be used for threading barbed wire from support to support.

Each section clips into the one next to it. They can be permanently attached or used independently to give you more flexibility when building your compound.

The entire set is designed to work with 15mm figures. The supports are 48mm high.

The corner pieces will come with small guard towers.

The tower is designed to hold a single figure on a penny base.

The acrylic can be painted to give it any look you need for your favorite setting. Adding a small washer or penny to the base pieces will give it more stability and help keep those nasty dinosaurs out.

Once the 15mm set has been completed, we plan to upscale it to 28mm.

We hope to have these available next month or the early part of January.

Jonathan BowenComment