Magnetic Stand 2.0 Prototypes

Spending some time thinking about ways to improve our magnetic stands I came up with this arrangement


The biggest problem with the old system was it didn't mount to a miniature easily. Inverting the collar and using it to hold the miniature was the first idea. Then I realized it has some other great benefits. Most people have more miniatures then flight stands. Now we can release packs of mounts without the expensive magnets. And the mount works without the magnet.

I should have dusted before I took pictures... Anyway as you can see the stand has a screw through the center that the mount can screw directly to for use with most games. The expensive miniature can be removed and stored easily as well. If you need the added dimensions then you can upgrade by purchasing the magnetic addons.

BTW this model is my new Terran Carrier for Firestorm Armada. The base is the 40mm x 40mm stand that comes with the model. It has some special modifications. This is our smaller magnet. This miniature was a little big and didn't stay up as well. So I switched to a bigger magnet.

Now it works great. Switching is a matter of unscrewing the mount and changing the adapter. The smaller collar also works better then the larger one found on our original mounts. The larger magnet also seems to have a nature sticking point at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. This is most likely due north/south pole interface. We will also be experimenting with a larger magnet to see how that works. Then we will have 3 options. 

So to recap imrovements include:

Easier mounting to telescoping rods

More mounting options with a single static stand

Easier minature mounting

Better holding power

Larger selection of magnets


We are still gearing up for more mat patterns but look for this soon after the kinks are worked out of it.

Jonathan Bowen1 Comment