Printed fabric game maps

I discovered a service that will allow me to upload images and print them on fabric. So while waiting for my orders for the ship mounts to come in I've been working on CorSec's next project. Fabric printed maps. Most people play on felt but cotton cloth is cheaper and more detail can be added. From the picture its hard to tell but their are actual waves printed on the map. The detail is amazing mostly because the image was derived from actual aerial shots of the ocean. This map have 4" hexes printed on it and other types will be available soon. These will be great for War at Sea and other sea games. Other sizes and shapes will be available soon. Also working on farm fields for aerial combat games and a space map. 

The best part is the price. $18 a yard. Each section is 42" wide and can be purchased in multiple yards so a 6' by 4' table can be covered for $36. This fabric comes unfinished and needs to be hemmed. We may offer finished maps as well. Stay tuned for more information on this new product line for CorSec Engineering 



Jonathan Bowen5 Comments