3D modular terrian Battletech

Ok had a great time at bayou wars with my terrain. It took a lot more work then I wanted but the design is great. Biggest problem right now is the production process. So if your interested in hexes let me know. I have some ideas to crank out hexes faster and with more precision if there is enough interest. Each of these maps are made of individual hexes that where attached to a foam board with 2 sided tape and then painted and flocked. Even added some rubble hexes. The maps are copies of two paper maps. Desert Hills and Desert mountains. Ok enough talk to the PHOTOS!

The system worked great with the hex building blocks and would have been awesome if they where more precise and easier to make. Seriously if there is enough interest then I may open production on sets of these. However at this time I cannot because the time and money are to much of a gamble right now. Enjoy the pics. If your interested in purchasing these maps contact me. I may sell them if someone wants them.