Canvas Eagles Flight Stands

Working with some local players I have designed a flight stand for the game Canvas Eagles. This game is great fun and can be very addictive. If you like the good old days of dog fighting where you had to stare down the barrel of you gun while zipping through the air in nothing but a canvas wrapped wooden coffin then you'll love this game.

On to the stands. We play with the 4" hex maps available from Hotz Mats So we designed a 4 inch acrylic hex base. This base is then etched with a forward direction arrow and a circle of numbers from 0 to 9. These indicate elevation in the game. Second piece is a circle with an arrow on it. We use expandable metal rods to hold the planes up. The second piece is placed on this and allow you to indicate what elevation your plane is currently at.

This will be added to the store soon. I'm going to try and order some prototypes soon and see how they turn out.

Got a game you want some custom items for? Drop me an email and we can talk about getting some items designed for you.

Jonathan BowenComment