Workbench Update


I have been working on a few items and ideas and we have some new pictures to show off.




These are our new vector based stands. Its easy sometimes to send things to print before they are ready. This is a good example. At closer look they are not as round as I wanted them to be and the firing arcs are off by one notch so they will not work. Also the hole in the center needs to be sized differently. That brings us to the cool part about these guys.





The tops come off. This allows for easy storage and we plan to thread the base to allow the rods to come on and off so you can add different sizes for games that involve 3D motion. We are working on getting telescoping rods for our 4" hexes but those are suited more for aerial combat. We thought a space game would not look as cool with a ship 3 feet off the table. So a smaller increment is needed. Still experimenting with the ranges to find the right size but we hope to offer 5 or 6 elevations in something like a 1/2" increments. So we have a range from 1/2" to around 3" instead of 6" to 3 feet for the aerial combat games.


Thats not all we are also working on a cooridor system for 15mm.




This may take some time to perfect but the idea is there. by linking rooms together you can make different maps and they are smaller and made of wood. This makes them more durrable then cardboard and we plan to add doors to each junction piece




The doors will insert into the connector pieces and work with any connector. The connectors are simple.




And they will disconnect easily. The prototypes needed a little help from a file to make them fit. The next set will work great and probably be a different material.




That's what's on the work bench for now. Still working on the fabric maps and always thinking up new ideas. 

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