Cosplate - Thermoplastic Rubber

Cosplate - Thermoplastic Rubber

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Cosplate is a thermoplastic designed specifically for costuming and cosplay. It is flexible and safe for extended contact with skin. The material is flexible and soft, but can be shaped with a heat gun. It remains flexible after shaping and retains its shape even when rolled and smashed.

Cosplate is incredibly strong and tear resistance. It will not crack.

It is also transparent. While not completely clear, it shows LED light very well and can be painted to create different effects

Cosplate can be painted with acrylics and enamels after priming with an adhesion promoter commonly found in automotive stores or on Amazon. Airbrushing gives the best results, but hand painting works great as well. Allow paint to fully cure and it will bond with the material completely, creating a flexible and durable finish.

It can be used under fabric or wigs to add structure and flexibility, enabling gravity defying hair or adding thin armor to costumes.

Cosplate loves textures. When heated a texture can be applied to the surface and once the material has cooled, the texture will become permanent. With a bit more heat you can even stamp logos and fine details into the surface of the material.

Cosplate is sandable. Using a dremel or sanding by hand you can add additional shaping and carve in details. Working with a bit of heat and increasingly finer grit sandpaper you can return Cosplate to its original smooth finish.

Cosplate’s true super power however is the ability to weld the material together with a soldering iron or heat gun. This creates a permanent joint that is just as strong as the rest of the material. We have even been able to seam small cuts back together to cover mistakes and make light sanding marks disappear.

Cosplate is 0.06” (1.5mm) thick and available in several sizes. It can be layered and seamed for additional thickness and strength.

Tag us when you use Cosplate so we can see the amazing projects everyone makes with it!


$15 - 11.5” by 24.5” (292mm x 622mm)

$25 - 24.5” by 24.5” (622mm x 622mm)

$45 - 24.5” by 47.5” (622mm x 1206mm)

$60 - 31.5” by 47.5” (1206mm x 1206mm)

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